You’ve Been Frustrated Long Enough.

Most people struggle to take care of themselves because they are busy building a career or taking care of others.  With all your time and energy being put into making sure others are taken care of, it’s easy to become exhausted and overwhelmed by the end of the day.

You go on autopilot, and you may start to wonder if there’s any way you’ll ever get back to feeling confident and energized again.

Here’s the truth: it really is frustrating to not be able to carve out time to focus on you.  It does leave you feeling depleted, but there is no reason to feel ashamed or down on yourself!

You just need the right tools and coaching so you can become the confident, energetic, and happiest self you desire.

At Unity Fitness, we provide you with what you need by designing custom fitness programs that guide you with confidence to live your best life.

We’ve worked with thousands of others busy people like you – people who just want to feel energized and in control of their life, but nothing that they did was sticking.  Our programs are different because they meet you where you’re at and are designed with only effective and efficient tools so you can  become your happiest, healthiest, and best self!

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Remote Coaching VIP Pass

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Professional, Expert Coaching!

Our team of fitness and nutrition experts are passionate about what they do. We have years of experience and have been coaching remotely for over 5 years!

Join a Supportive CommUNITY!

Become a part of our Fitfam! You’ll be invited to our private VIP Inner Circle group for support as well as access to live-streaming workouts, virtual classes, and much more!

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We know there’s more to fitness than just being in a gym, so our program design experts will build you a custom program to support all of your goals, exclusive to YOU!

This Pass isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK!

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You are someone who would like the best training and remote coaching available. If you would like guidance from the experts on fitness and nutrition through a custom designed program that includes live-stream classes, virtual class access, remote coaching, and a supportive community. If you are serious about results and are done wasting time and are ready to be guided by experts to becoming a happier, healthier, and fitter version of yourself.

Your Unity Fitness Digital VIP Pass Includes:

Weekly, 20-minute, laser-focused Zoom Coaching Calls with your expert coach to keep you on track and motivated

Custom Programming
Access to your individualized program, exercise videos & demos, and communication with your coach through to our state-of-the-art App which you can access on any mobile device

Nutrition Coaching
Guidance from Precision Nutrition certified experts which includes tracking through My Fitness Pal

Live & Virtual Streaming Workouts
Join our live-streaming workouts 6 days/week. You will be able to follow along through a recording later each day and have access to our entire virtual workout library. Virtual coaching sessions will be available to you as well!

Support & CommUNITY
An exclusive invite to our private Inner Circle VIP Facebook group that connects you to other supportive, like-minded individuals who are part of the Unity Fitness Fitfam!

All for just $89!

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They said it!

Sport-Specific Training

We are home to the only Titleist Performance Institute Fitness 2 Certified Coach and National Academy of Sports Medicine Golf Fitness Specialist in the La Crosse area through Coach Jordan.

While our expertise lies towards rotational athletes like golf, hockey, baseball/softball, tennis, and hockey, we also have experience helping athletes excel in their sports like basketball, volleyball, running, and cycling.

Our sport-specific training sessions are conducted in manner similar to our personal training sessions.  After going through a Functional Movement Screen and sport-specific assessment, we can then create a program that is specifically designed for you and your sport.

These sessions are typically ran as a semi-private session, however, members training for a the same sport could train together (like a team).  Sessions will be led by a certified personal trainer or strength and conditioning specialist.


Please fill out the form below and include which sport you’d like to primarily focus on in your goals section.

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No Risk Trial

We know that there’s a lot to consider when trying to decide what gym is best for you.  Changing gyms or starting at a gym for the first time can be uncomfortable and nerve-wracking.  That is why we give you the opportunity to try us out risk-free for 30 days!

Experience the full benefits of a member at our facility including scientifically backed programming, our supportive community, and our philosophy all before you make a commitment.  We want to make sure YOU make the best decision for YOU!

Our feeling is you deserve an experience that exists in Unity and includes personalized training programs, one-on-one nutrition consulting, support, accountability, and coaching all under one roof, all for one competitive price.

Additionally, you will have all-access to our high energy group fitness sessions; a fitness program scientifically designed to boost your metabolism, decrease injuries, increase strength and improve your ability to move through daily activities with ease. By the end of the 30 days and experiencing all that Unity has to offer, you won’t want to leave and you’ll want to become a member of our Fitfam!

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