What is your ‘WHY-POWER?’

For those of you who are either brand new to your fitness journey or who have been going strong for years – have you ever stopped and asked yourself  “Why?”

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. What do I want out of this?
  3. What is my ultimate goal?
  4. Am I willing to accept change?
  5. How much time am I willing to put towards myself?
  6. What is going to be different this time than other times I’ve tried in the past?

I sat down and asked myself this very question the other day. I have been exercising regularly my whole life. But still – do I have a goal in mind? Is my goal to be at a certain weight or fit into a specific size? I, like many of you, have many different reasons.

For me, my WHY is because I want to live my life feeling the best I possibly can.

I enjoy feeling comfortable and confident in my clothes. I hate hiding behind layers of clothing and being self-conscious of how I’m looking. I want to use my body and push it to see what it is capable of. I love challenging it and feeling strong. I love the endorphin high that comes along with a workout, and the satisfactory feeling of being finished. I also came from a very active family who all try to take care of themselves as best they can. I was raised to know your health is important to take care of.

But I, like many of you, have good days and some not so good days.

Some days I am ready to attack any workout and push my limits. Then there as some days where I can’t seem to find the motivation to get going. This is when I try to go over my reasons why and it tends to help! Even if I just go out for a long walk – I feel better and am happy I did it!

I encourage you to sit down and ask yourself why you put yourself through each and every workout. Not only do I think you should figure out what is important to you, but why.

If it is a goal weight, do you have a specific number in mind? Why do you want to get there? Have you ever been at that weight before in your adult life? How will you feel when you reach your goal? What if you still aren’t happy?

The journey itself is about learning new health habits, shaping our mental health, and exploring our depths. When all of these pieces fall into place, then our goals will become our new reality. Weight loss and/or muscle growth is not a simple fix or a one-size-fits-all process that happens overnight. If looking great, being pain-free, and feeling confident is the ultimate goal, I urge you to stop and think about why you are doing it.

Once you figure out your ‘why-power,’ you have already broken down a huge barrier between yourself and success. You can use this ‘why-power’ to motivate yourself on the days you just want to sit on the couch and binge watch the 27th episode of a show.

Okay, now picture yourself reaching your goal, whether that be weight loss, muscle growth, etc. What happens next? Are you done? Is the journey over? Absolutely not. You will most likely continue setting goals for the rest of your life!

Our hope for you here at Unity Fitness is that not only will you have learned lifelong health habits that you can share with the people in your life, but also that you’ve come to love the person underneath the skin. Remember, this body you have is the only ‘home’ you will ever live in. Take care of it, be kind to it, and do not shame it anymore. Learn to look at yourself in the mirror and understand that people love you for who you are, not what you look like. Hear me out: if you were to pass away tomorrow and we asked people why they loved you, I promise you that they wouldn’t say, “I loved _______ because he/she was a size small.” They would talk about how kind you were, how funny you were, and how incredible you were!

This is my reminder to you to sit down, think about why you are on this journey and be gentle with yourself. You are doing the best you can with what you have. If you find yourself stuck in a corner and have no idea where to go, call us! We WANT to help, we WANT to answer questions, and we WANT to be there for you!

Written by Coach Amber – Lifestyle Transformation Coach