The Unity Fitness Pledge

The pledge of Unity Fitness will continue to evolve, but before I get to what it actually is, I need to first talk about history…

Four years (and counting) ago I had an epiphany while in college for Physical Therapy and talking to a Biochemistry professor at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.  That epiphany was that I wanted to be on the forefront of health and exercise.

I wanted to be on the other side of the spectrum to help prevent certain injuries by helping people move better; to help people truly like and appreciate exercising by helping them feel better; to help people believe and feel success by helping them look better.

Move Better ● Feel Better ● Look Better

Everyone either wants to move better, feel better, look better, or perform better. I thought, “Heck, why not do all of those things on their journey to a better you.” I wanted to educate, inspire, and achieve these goals with each person. Shortly after, my personal training career began…which lead to Unity Fitness.

I’ve always had a vision of working in a facility that is progressive innovative, using science and research as well as new ideas that would help people achieve their goals. I dreamed of a place that required people to move better by minimizing machine use and emphasizing guidance and instruction from a trainer/coach.  This place would offer a one-stop shop for improving functional movement, guiding nutritional choices, and accessing health/therapy opportunities.  That vision, that dream, is Unity Fitness.

The idea was to establish a facility where health and fitness are unified. Exercise by means of strength training, cardiovascular training, corrective exercise, physical therapy/manual therapy, nutrition, movement screening, health coaching, and performance were all in one place. A business where we have the best of the best working as one unit, serving one purpose: to help you move better, feel better, and look better. Or, more simply, RESULTS.   This is what Unity Fitness will be.graylogo

The logo represents this vision completely.  As simple as it is, the logo displays our value of unity in two ways:

  1. The union of the “U” and the “F”
  2. The green circle portraying how we come full-circle in our approach.

It’s a marriage of everything health and fitness.

I wanted to make a facility that wasn’t my training facility, but our training facility. A place that changed the way people view fitness like so many of my mentors and fellow fitness professionals are doing. I wanted a facility that teams up with other businesses and other gyms, not for the sake of because it’s the right thing, but for the sake of making our community healthier. The whole idea of having all of this unified also correlates with the fact that I and all of the other health/fitness/medical professionals out there also have to be unified. We can’t all have our own ideas and think we can do everything on our own. That’s how I used to think-that I could do it all.

To quote a slogan from Sherwin-Williams: T.E.A.M. (Together Each Achieves More).

Our facility isn’t just another gym. It has values. It seeks value. We live by our Core Values and we very proud of that.

That is Unity Fitness.   Our wave of health, fitness, and unity. This is our pledge. Our pledge to you and a better you and a better us.


This was my vision, my idea, and now it’s our reality.

Our pledge to you: A better you and a better us.

Still think we’re just another gym?


See you soon,


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