The Tip of the Exercise Iceberg Theory

There’s a lot that goes into your health and fitness. There’s also a lot that goes into your week. No matter whom you are, no matter where you are, your week is made of 168 hours.

Have you ever mapped out your week?

Do you know what you’re spending your time on?

Some people manage their weeks better than others. Some have more free time, others have to spend more time at work, while others spend more time just a workin’ on their fitness, as Fergie would say.

If we think in hypothetical terms, you will spend 40 hours/week at work. If you’re a student, your 40 hour work-week is dedicated towards school plus an additional 15-40 hours towards another part-time/full-time job. Or if you are a parent, you’re going to dedicate 40 hours to your family. Regardless of your position, that’s a whopping 80 hours already gone, potentially.

Now let’s add in sleep. Experts say we should get about 6 hours of sleep per night. That number depends on which expert you look at, as some say 5-7 while others say 6-8 hours/night. Let’s say we use 6 hours (multiply that by 7 for the days in a week) and now we’re at 42 hours in addition to the 80 hours we already mentioned. That brings us to 122 hours with 46 hours left to work with.

The average American watches 5 hours of TV per day. Tap on another 35 hours to your week. And just like that, BOOM!!! We’re down to 11 hours left in your week.

(Side note: have you ever thought about what you’re actually watching when you’re watching television?  You’re watching someone live out their dream!  Actors, actresses, anchors, and athletes are all living out their dream for us to watch!  I digress as this is a topic for another day, but I had to bring it to the attention for the sake of this article.)

Again, this is all a hypothetical, but let’s take another peak at that those 157 hours we just calculated. Did you notice how many of those hours are spent sitting? A lot…probably close to +60 hours to be exact.

They say sitting is the new smoking, and I have to tend to agree. You put your body into compromised positions from sitting for an extended length of time. Your movement quality decreases and your injury risk increases (not the type of relation you want to deal with).

Which brings me to the question: what kind of exercise plan are you on?

How many hours per week are you putting towards your health and fitness? Are you doing a cookie-cutter program or are you doing one that is customized to you? Is it a program that values your goals, while also keeping your lifestyle in mind?

If you spend 5 hours each week exercising in an attempt to improve your health and fitness you will be left with a hefty 163 hours towards making those petty 5 hours of exercise worthwhile.

You want to make the most out of your 5 hours as possible.

You shouldn’t be doing what works best, you should be doing what works best for YOU and YOUR goals and YOUR lifestyle.

A completely customized, exercise program consisting of cardio, strength training, mobility, and success coaching are absolutely necessary. You want to be part of a program that holds you accountable and allows you to be part of a community of like-minded individuals who are seeking the same or similar goals.

I’ve stressed this philosophy to my clients over the last few years, but I’ve also taken it to another level by asking: If you’re working out with me for 3-5 hours/week, what are you doing the other 163 hours to help accomplish your goal(s)?

Smart, healthy choices with food, physical activities, alcohol intake, and much more comes into play here. It’s not just about working out anymore. If you want serious results you have to be aware of all the pieces of the puzzle that fit into your puzzle.

I’ve referred to this as the “Tip of the Exercise Iceberg Theory” aka The If-you’re-working-out-for-3-5-hours/week-then-what-are-you-doing-the-other-163-hours Theory.


This theory goals well behind exercise though. We see some of our peers, family members, and idols accomplish their goals, but we don’t truly know what it takes to get to where they are. We only scratch (or see) the surface of their success. Ultimately, that’s all we want to see. Our minds don’t want to know all the sacrifice, hard work, dedication, and time put into such efforts…

There are some that are willing to put in the effort, the discipline, and patience to see success.


It’s not all as easy as I’m making this sound. You can see all the content that is underneath the surface and that equates to all that really goes into accomplishing goals and achieving success on any account.

This Theory is precisely why our programs at Unity Fitness are created the way they are. We don’t just have a gym “membership.” We have customized programs.

We take your goals, motivation, lifestyle, and budget in consideration and create a package that is best for you. We help set you up on a program where all you have to do is show up. We know that the hardest part is stepping through the gym doors, which is why we have something planned for you every day of the week and we map that out for you during the program design process.

Not only that, but we also assign you your very own trainer that you can communicate with and help keep you accountable during those times away from the gym. Oh yeah, and we have that handy dandy Newsletter too!

Your goals and success are yours and yours alone. What you do to get yourself there is different than the next person, but the same feats and hard work must be put in to accomplish and succeed. Don’t settle for what you see. Ask yourself “Why?” and dive in to conquer and do what you never thought possible!