Sport-Specific Training

We are home to the only Titleist Performance Institute Fitness 2 Certified Coach and Golf Fitness Specialist in the La Crosse area thanks for Coach Jordan.

While our expertise lies towards rotational athletes like golf, hockey, baseball/softball, tennis, and hockey, we also have experience helping athletes excel in their sports like basketball, volleyball, running, and cycling.

Our sport-specific training sessions are conducted in manner similar to our personal training sessions.  After going through a Functional Movement Screen and sport-specific assessment, we can then create a program that is specifically designed for you and your sport.  These sessions are typically ran as a private session, however, members training for a the same sport could train together (like a team).  Sessions will be led by a certified personal trainer or strength and conditioning specialist.


We have proven programs for endurance sports, volleyball, and basketball, but we can build programs for every sport.


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