Personal Training

To get the best results possible, you need the best program possible.   The best program possible is the one that’s made just for you.

Our personal training programs allow us to customize a program specifically for you and your goals.  We design the program based on your goals, training history, and functional movement screen.  You will first go through a Functional Movement Screen and a fitness assessment which includes training history, injury history, medical history, and goal-setting assessment with our lead trainer.  To give you the best program possible, we need to gather and analyze this information.  The information can then be used for future reference and assessments which will allow your program to progress as you progress.

Even though we specialize in fat loss, movement, and golf performance, we can write programs for any goal with the assistance of our other coaches and certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Every member at Unity Fitness is taken through a Functional Movement Screen and fitness assessment as part of their package.  Personal training sessions are part of separate packages that are built for you.

Semi-Private Sessions

This type of personal training allows you to get a program that is designed specifically for you.  Sessions will be conducted with 1 to 3 other members.  Sessions will run from 30 to 60 minutes depending on your program.  All sessions are with a certified personal trainer and conducted by appointment.



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