Lifestyle Reset

Announcing our 6-week Lifestyle Reset Program, Beginning Oct. 4th!

It’s time to clean up what COVID-19 has done to you in the last 6 months and refresh your mind, body, and health with our Lifestyle Reset program

There’s two main focus points of this program:

  1. To promote and boost your overall HEALTH with professional guidance through nutrition, fitness, mindset, and well-being.  And,
  2. Follow our K.I.S.S. protocols: Keep it SUPER SIMPLE when it comes to your health and fitness.

Too often, nutrition and fitness are made to be complicated.  Complicated does one thing: stops you from taking action.  Plus, COVID-19 already made things complicated enough…

We want to keep things super simple by giving you daily and weekly action steps that will boost your confidence as you become a better version of yourself!

Click here for your opportunity to start your “COVID Clean Up” and claim one of our spots in the Lifestyle Reset program!

Our ability to keep things super simple is how we’re successful!











Here are all the details on our proven fitness, nutrition, and accountability systems we’ll implement for the Lifestyle Reset:

Fitness: We can design an at-home or in-person, customized program for any fitness level that meets you where your current fitness level is at and progresses as you progress.  All the workouts are designed by some of the best fitness experts in the world.

Nutrition: Our nutrition protocols are backed by research and don’t involve any gimmicks and no special supplements required.  Through the guidance of certified nutrition coaches with college degrees who have helped hundreds of people just like you.  You’ll never feel lost with what to do, plus you’ll get access to a ton of delicious recipes as you learn how to eat and fuel your body for optimal health.

Accountability: The proactive techniques and the CommUNITY that you will be immersed in will not only keep you on track, it’ll help you stay on track.  The coaches will be a text away for anything you may need as you’ll also get daily coaching, prompt feedback to any questions you may have, and reminders to keep you focused!

You’ll have the option to do your Lifestyle Rest Program remotely, in the comfort of your own home, or you can choose to do the in-person option and get 3 personal training session each week (through our COVID-19 Protocols) with our nationally-certified expert coaches.

Aside from having daily interaction with your coaches, you’ll also have access to weekly Reset Meetings to go over action steps for each week to keep you on track.  We know your life is busy, so keep these meetings laser-focused so you can get back to your priorities while also making sure to take care of yourself and live the happy, healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Your plan for success and the “COVID Clean Up” starts here.  The Lifestyle Reset begins on Oct. 4th – click to claim one of our spots!

Here it from another member who’s been with us for over 5 years:

Here’s a recap of what you get with the Lifestyle Reset Program:

  • Choose between remote (virtual) plan or upgrade to the in-person plan
  • The K.I.S.S. fitness routine that is designed for your specific level
  • The K.I.S.S. nutrition plan with no gimmicks and no special supplements
  • The K.I.S.S. accountability system that not only keeps you on track, but helps you stay on track with weekly Reset Meetings, a private Facebook group, and more!
  • Daily access to coaches to help answer any questions and give you guidance for success
  • Access to an amazing, supportive commUNITY of others who were in a position just like you

COVID-19 really screwed things up…

And now you have a chance to reset your lifestyle and get back on track.  COVID-19 exposed our unhealthy lifestyles and made it harder for us to stay happy.  We know that this isn’t the end-all scenario, and who knows how long our world will be in this position, but this is your chance to take action on the offensive end rather than being stuck playing defense.  This is your opportunity to become that better version of yourself with the confidence to live your happiest and healthiest life!

Claim your spot in the Lifestyle Reset program!

Who has the most success with this program?

The Lifestyle Reset program is NOT for:

  • Those looking for a quick-fix or cheap, fad fitness or diet routine
  • Those who want to quit on themselves
  • Those who want to keep making the same excuses over and over
  • Those who are unopened to learn and unwilling to being coached

The Lifestyle Reset program is for:

  • If you are ready to clean up the COVID-19 impact that it had on your health
  • If you are ready to treat yourself like you are someone worth caring about, not an afterthought in everyday life
  • If you are serious about making positive changes
  • If you value your health and appreciate the concerns and costs of living an unhealthy lifestyle
The Lifestyle Reset begins Oct. 4th, claim your spot here!

Why Unity Fitness?













COVID-19 has changed the entire world, including how we do fitness.  Because our number-one rule of making sure our members safety is our top priority, we’ve implemented a new system to make sure we meet all the COVID-19 safety protocols:

At Unity Fitness, our mission is to inspire and educate people on how to transform their lives so they can live their best life with confidence.  As professionals, we value what we do so much, that we even guarantee your results.  If you choose to do one of our programs or choose to become a member and you don’t get the results you desired by following our guidance, we’ll pay for your program or membership.

This is your chance to be proactive with your health and let your best years be ahead of you, and it starts with the best program we can offer: the Lifestyle Reset.
  Claim your spot to make sure you can start on Oct. 4th!