Group Training Schedule

Our Group Training sessions are designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle.  We understand your time is valuable and that’s why our 50 minute sessions are designed to give you a high-quality workout as efficiently as possible so we can get you back to your day.  Even better, whether you are an early riser, prefer to hit they gym on the way home from work, or fall somewhere in the middle we have times that will fit conveniently into YOUR busy schedule!

With a wide variety of class options, we have something to fit all your fitness goals!

  • LEAN helps enable the body to burn calories and mobilize fat through total body conditioning with added metabolic resistance features.  It is designed to provide you with a top of the line cardio session that is both fun and highly effective.
  • STRONG is our high-quality strength class which utilizes resistance training to help build lean muscle and give you the strength to help tackle all the physical demands life throws your way!
  • CORE is more than an ab class, Core Dynamics is designed to help strengthen your trunk, which is an important base for all quality movement. Strengthening your core will also help prevent injuries and alleviate lower back pain.
  • MOBILITY although commonly overlooked, mobility work is an important staple in any good training program. Designed to improve and maintain quality movement, mobility sessions will keep you moving and feeling better both in and out of the gym.

Rest assured, our experienced and knowledgeable coaching team is armed with modifications to make sure you will get the best workout possible, regardless of your fitness level!  Group programs change every 6-10 weeks with each class type containing multiple workout programs that rotate throughout the week.  That kind of variety not only aids in continued results but also ensures that you no longer need settle with being bored of the same old routine!

See our Group Training Session Schedule here.

These sessions are not permanent and are subject to change.

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