Group Training

The Group Training sessions offered at Unity Fitness utilize the same design philosophy as our personal training programs that are proven to get results.  We keep our class sizes small to ensure we are able be hands on with each attendee, providing you with individual attention at group training prices!  This enables us to properly monitor form to prevent injury and maximize your results.

Because we keep our session sizes small, we are able to meet you exactly where you’re at in your fitness journey by providing pregressions/progressions to any of the movements and lifts we are doing during your session.  These are not the standard class where you show up and repeat the same thing over and over.  We keep our programs fresh for both your mind and body as the sessions will change every 6-10 weeks to create adaptation and results.

We know your time is valuable, that is why we help you get the most out of your workouts in these efficient, high-energy sessions that last between 30 to 50 minutes.  A shower is available to help you get ready to conquer your day when you’re short on time and running home just isn’t an option!

All sessions are coached by a certified fitness trainer and designed by our fitness experts. To see a full group training session schedule, click here.

Group Training Session Descriptions:

LEAN: 2 – 12 members.  Sitting on a treadmill is boring… say hello to our version of cardio!  We will use the turf, sled, medicine balls and slam walls.  It is designed to provide you with a top of the line cardio session that is both fun and highly effective.  Our programs focus on maximum fat loss and conditioning with the added benefit of improved movement quality!  Lean sessions enable your body to burn calories not only while you are in the gym but long after you have left our doors as well!  Sessions range from is 40-50 minutes in length.

STRONG: 2 – 12 members. Strength training is the number one component for sustainable fat loss.  Our high-quality strength class which utilizes metabolic resistance training to help build lean muscle and give you the strength to help tackle all the physical demands life throws your way!   Sessions range from is 40-50 minutes in length.

MOBILITY: 2 – 15 members.  Although commonly overlooked, mobility work is an important staple in any good training program. Designed to improve and maintain quality movement, mobility sessions will keep you moving and feeling better both in and out of the gym.  Sessions range from is 40-50 minutes in length.

CORE: 2 – 12 members.  So much more than an ab class, Core Dynamics is designed to help strengthen your trunk, which is an important base for all quality movement. Strengthening your core will also help prevent injuries and alleviate lower back pain while improving the quality and effectiveness of all your other movements both in and out of the gym.  Sessions range from is 40-50 minutes in length.


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