Functional Movement Screen


The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a specialized screening tool that is used to help identify dysfunction and imbalance in movement patterns of an individual.  It is the same movement screen used for athletes in professional sports, and it is now available to you.  With the FMS tool, our Certified FMS Level 1 coach can locate areas of weakness that could lead to injury while simultaneously designing a program that will work to correct the limitations and have you moving better than ever.

The FMS is the first step to building your unified program because of its importance and without it, we would never know if any deficiencies exist..  The screen will allow us to properly assess your movement quality and then build your customized, goal-based program while including corrective exercise strategies to keep you pain free.

Think of the FMS like an eye doctor appointment.  You go through all of the tests and procedures for your eyes to evaluate your vision, the FMS does the same for your movement capabilities.

The FMS is included in every single package we offer, but we do offer the service as a stand-alone as well.  Get your personal FMS Screening from a certified professional for only $40.  Get the screen along with two corrective workouts for only $100.