Training Options

Unity Fitness is a training facility that offers several training options, all of which are programmed for maximum results!

IMG_1594Personal Training: Traditional personal training where you receive a customized program designed for you by a fitness expert.  The program design is based on your goals, training history, injury report, and functional movement screen.  You can train two or three times per week in a small group of 2 to 4 people (semi-private training) with a nationally certified personal trainer.

Group Training: Our version of a “class”.  We offer daily sessions at times designed to fit conveniently into your schedule.  We cover a wide variety of fitness like strength training, high intensity interval training, mobility, golf performance training, and more.   All group sessions are designed and coached by a fitness expert.  You will work in groups of 4 to 12. IMG_1335

Sport-Specific Training: We’re the golf fitness experts in La Crosse!  We hold a history of proven success with athletes in several sports like volleyball and basketball, but our specialization lies in rotational athletes.  Our sport programs are ran similar to a personal training session, but we keep your sport as the focus.  You will get a customized program designed by fitness experts and certified strength and conditioning coaches.  You can train two or three times per week with a nationally certified coach.  Unity Fitness is home to the only Titleist Performance Institute certified coach as well as golf fitness specialist in the area.

Online Training: Get the value of our results-based programs anytime, anywhere which includes remote coaching.  Work out on your own time with a program and nutrition program designed specifically for you.