Bar Ruck

La Crosse’s ONLY 100% for Charity Bar Ruck!

What Is A Ruck?  A ruck is a term for walking with a pack.  The term is near and dear to the military as an integral part of training.  But this ruck has a twist.  In true Wisconsin style we will be making stops throughout the route at local bars for a quick drink!    

When & Where?    Sunday, May 26th @ 1:00pm at Turtle Stack Brewery

How Long Is It?  The route is roughly 5 miles and there is no required finish time.  You can stay in your wave or go at your own pace but we will leave no man behind!

Do you have to ruck? And how much weight? No.  Rucks are not required to participate.  You can choose to walk the route with no weight.  If you wish to add a little more of a fitness challenge to the event you can!  We would suggest 20-50 lbs of weight depending on the individual.

What should I wear/Is there a theme?  In honor of those who have served in our military we will have a red/white/blue theme.  Let’s make a big statement!  That is what Memorial Day is all about after all, let’s go all out to honor those who have given so much for us!  

How Does It Work?  Step 1. Sign up with a donation to Hope for the Warriors  (Link Below). Step 2. Follow the team at your own pace.  You can grab a drink at each place or just take some time to hang out with a cool group of people who are also out to have fun and honor those who served!

Donations to Hope for the Warriors &
Ticket to the Bar Ruck
Order a shirt for $17+ tax with proceeds going to the Hope for the Warriors Organization!

Early Registration ends Friday, May 24th. Register early and save.

PLUS, The FIRST 10 individuals to register will receive a FREE Limited Edition 2019 Bar Ruck T-Shirt!

Same day registration will kick off at 1:00 pm at Turtle Stack. Cost of same day registration will increase to $20.  The first wave will leave at 1:45 pm.

The Route

The Route

1.Turtle Stack Brewery

2.Pettibone Boat Club

3. Bodega Brew Pub

4.608 Brewery Co.

5. La Crosse Distilling Co.

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