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The New Standard

There’s a lot of information out there that can lead you down a road of confusion, burn-out, and a life without results.  Unity Fitness La Crosse aims to clear that up by unifying  health and fitness so that all of the members can achieve results.  Being a certified personal trainer and health coach, the owner noticed some gaps and incorrect patterns  in the health and fitness industries.

These gaps included  the overuse of weight and cardio machines, unproductive routines, and lack of support/help.   All of this adds up to a lack of results.  Most of the gyms you come across are just looking to get you signed up for a cheap monthly membership so they can attract more members.  We call this a “rental” fee because all you’re doing is paying the gym a monthly fee to use their equipment.   Those who pay rent and never come in are their best customers.  Customers don’t come in because they are bored and let down due to the lack of support and results.

If you did want some help or support, everything would then come at an additional cost.  You might get a free consultation with a trainer, but if you say no to training, you are then stuck on your own with no support besides being shown how to turn a treadmill on and off and how to adjust your seat on a chest press circuit machine.

This is not how fitness is done.  This is shameful and boring and criminal.

We believe in offering an opportunity for everyone to get support, training, nutrition consultations, and RESULTS!  We unify all aspects of health and fitness into one membership.  We created a training facility that offers just that by using the latest training methods, techniques, and equipment along with including training, nutrition consultations, functional movement screens, and fitness assessments that come standard with the memberships.  By acquiring the best, most knowledgeable team,  we provide you the best service and support through the health and fitness industry so you can achieve your results.  We offer what the others don’t: support and results.  We don’t just hand out out workouts, we deliver high-quality programs that improve your life.  This is how fitness is done.

Unity Fitness sets itself apart from the other gyms in the area because we are not just the only training facility in La Crosse, but we are the only gym/facility that allows you to experience everything we have to offer before you make a commitment.  You can meet with one of our fitness coaches and take part in a personal training session, large group training sessions, nutrition consultations, functional movement screens, and more in your first 21 days with no obligations or contracts.  We are the only training facility in the area truly focused on our members’ results, not on how many memberships we have.

How it Works

We start each member off with a Functional Movement Screen and thorough fitness assessment.  This helps us acknowledge dysfunction in movement patterns so we can strengthen them.  During the assessment, we listen to you to see what you want.  After the first visit, we’ll analyze the information we have gathered and use it to build an individualized program that is just for you.  This program will be ready by the second time you step foot into our doors.

We know we’re not for everyone.  We are not hard salespeople, we’re people who want results.  If you decide that Unity Fitness is not a good fit, then we will lead to another gym in the area that we believe is the best fit for you.  We truly feel our team at Unity Fitness will deliver the best support and results possible to each member.  That is why the facility is designed and structured the way it is.  We don’t have lines of treadmills or ellipticals, or a group of weight circuit machines because we value better movement and you don’t get that by sitting on a machine.  If you’re looking for those qualities in a gym then we are not for you.  Instead, we have space and dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX equipment, functional bands, medicine balls, and other equipment that will you get the results you desire.

All of our equipment assists in how to teach you to move better.  Once you start moving better you will start to feel better.  Then, before you know it, you look better.  You will not get that opportunity from sitting on a machine or from paying rent.

Questions?  We have answers.  Please call us at 608-788-3488 or email us at unityfitness@gmail.com.  We value interaction, feel free to stop by and visit the facility and talk with one of our team members and ask how we can get you started on your 21-day trial membership.

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