2018 New Year Transformation Challenge


2018 New Year Transformation Challenge Application


It is that time of year again…

  • If you do not want to be part of the 92% of New Year’s Resolutions that fail…
  • If you think “you are too out of shape” to join a gym…
  • If you think you have too many injuries and limitations to be able to safely join a gym and workout…
  • If you are tired of investing in the wrong things…
  • If you understand that the answer isn’t found on a cardio machine OR by running yourself into the ground and you know that puking every workout isn’t the solution, rather it is actually unsafe and counter-productive…
  • If you are looking for the program that teaches you how to burn fat, feel healthy and fit, and improve your overall life…

Than we are exactly the place for you!

So what time of year is it? It is when…

The ONLY fitness facility in La Crosse…

Built specifically for you, your abilities, your goals and everything in between that consistently gets extraordinary, major life-changing transformations…

Presents to you, the New Year Transformation Challenge…

Most “New Year’s Resolutions” fall off by February.  Rather than give up, we embrace this life changing time of year where Unity Fitness runs our annual, New Year Transformation Challenge.

Once a year we “kick off the New Year” with our often imitated, but never replicated New Year Transformation Challenge – a 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge where you don’t just transform your body for a 6 week period, but you learn how to transform your body FOR A LIFETIME and win up to $1000 Grand Prize from doing so!

Our New Year Transformation Challenge teaches you how to transform your body by having you earn points for doing daily and weekly habits that you can take with you forever.  These habits are what we have found to be the most successful habits to lose fat, build a toned body, keep you safe, and reach incredible results – and it’s been proven time and time again.

We also make sure everyone starts on an equal playing field by basing the percentage of body fat lost from where you start.  So if a 200 pound person would have to lose double what a 100 pound person pound person would have to lose in order for it to be equal percentage.  We do it this way so no starting weight has an advantage or disadvantage.

As we mentioned before, you also accumulate points for doing daily and weekly habits like showing up for a workout, logging your food, etc.  That means that the end number isn’t just based on fat lost, but it’s also based on habits done!

 (Down over 12″, 10 lbs of body fat!)

2018 New Year Transformation Challenge Application

What are the details?

– Challenge starts on January 29th and runs until March 9th (6 weeks).

– Challenge orientation is on January 25th at 7 pm at Unity Fitness (more info on this if you’re accepted into the program)

Personalized program designed specifically to help address your individual needs and get you RESULTS!

– A nutrition plan with delicious meals to use and make your own to help create a healthy, balanced lifestyle – no supplements or anything you can’t get at your local grocery store

– The beginning body composition analysis (weigh-ins) and performance analysis must be between January 24th – 26th (no weigh-ins before January 24th and none after January 26th); and the final weigh-in must be done between March 8th and March 12th (no final weigh-ins after March 12th).

– Participants are recommended to complete minimum three (3) to four (4) workouts per week during the contest. A combination of strength training, metabolic work, and group personal training classes are recommended to achieve maximum results though you are not limited to four (4) per week.

– In addition to a body transformation, one Grand Prize Winner will receive up to $1000!

– Again, the points will be calculated by pounds of fat lost, pounds of muscle gained, daily and weekly habits completed, and more (a reminder that our system is used so that everyone is on a level playing field)

Included in our New Year Transformation Challenge is…
  • 6 Week Elite Training Membership; includes a completely customized workout program, personal training sessions, AND unlimited access to our group training classes
  • Before and after assessments
  • Easy-to-follow 6 Week Life Transformation Guide
  • Full nutrition program  and guide included for the 6 weeks, as well as nutrition journal reviews 3x/week to keep you on track
  • Weekly and daily accountability to keep you on track including a private Facebook group for the challenge
  • Weekly coaching webinars through our secret Facebook group
You also get…
  • A complimentary functional movement screen to identify any possible dysfunction in your movement patterns so we can keep you safe by preventing injury and helping you move better each and every day
  • Additional nutrition coaching assessments from nationally certified nutrition coaches
  • End of the Challenge social
  • And many more surprises to be announced along the way!!

These could be you…

Not making a decision is in itself making a decision.

Making a decision that avoids taking action towards a better you will in effect move you further away from your best self. Commit to making a change and become more confident and better able to handle anything life throws your way! People who are legitimately strong (in every sense) get through life more effectively and get more enjoyment out of every day!

We are undoubtedly and without question the best in the area and you WILL transform your life if you put in the dedication.  Now is your opportunity to take action and find out what 6 Weeks on a top-notch training program can do for YOU.

To schedule a free strategy session, fill out the application below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  This session is our opportunity to get to know you, go through your medical and health history, dig deeper into your specific goals, and conduct a movement assessment – because if you aren’t assessing, you’re guessing!  And you don’t get quality results if you are guessing.  We then use this information to design your personalized program!


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I always tell our members and prospective clients that in 5 or 10 years, other competitors and gyms in the area will have caught up to our training philosophy on how to run safe, effective, and efficient fat loss programming, etc…and while we do it best now, that isn’t what I want Unity Fitness and our programs to be what completely differentiates us from everyone else.

What truly makes us different is the fully-immersive and supportive community we’ve built based around unconditional support, care, and camaraderie and truly caring about YOU and YOUR results. You aren’t just a member here, you are part of our family that we call the Fitfam.  You become a part of our amazing community of other members and coaches who also want to succeed and see YOU succeed.  Additional to personalizing everything we do, our Fitfam is ultimately how we are different.

We are a family in every sense of the word, unified by a mission to get better every day and improve the way fitness is done in our area.  It is a truly judgment-free environment where you are not just a number.  Come see for yourself!  We’d love to be a party of your journey and transforming your life!

2018 New Year Transformation Challenge Application

What can be done in 6 weeks?

We are not your average “gym”. And we put a lot of time, energy and money to make that so…

We are the ONLY Fitness Facility in the La Crosse area…

  • That guarantees results on ALL our memberships.
  • With a nationally certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 and soon-to-be Level 2 Coach.
  • Who offers ProCoach, a daily nutrition coaching software, to its members.
  • To be featured in the national magazine: IDEA Fitness Journal.
  • Featured in our local magazine: L.I.N.K. Magazine.
  • Home of a Certified Functional Strength Coach.
  • That is home to a certified Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 coach and Golf Fitness Specialist (Jordan Rudolph).
  • Who consults with Results Fitness, a 3x Top 10 Gym in the U.S. (according to Men’s Health).
  • Nominated for Best Personal Trainer, Best Gym, and Rising Star Under 40 for multiple years in a row.

We are here for you, in every way!

Apply now!  The 2018 New Year Transformation Challenge Application