Large Group Training

The Large Group Training (LGT) sessions offered at Unity Fitness provide you with everything you need to achieve the best results possible by using the same design philosophy as our personal training programs.  These sessions are our version of classes, ranging from 2 to 12 members.  We keep our class sizes small to ensure we are able be hands on with each attendee.  This enables us to properly monitor form to prevent injury and maximize results.  Each session is monitored by a certified fitness trainer.  These sessions are all designed by our fitness expert.  We use the full potential of our facility and its equipment in a high-energy environment lasting from 30 to 50 minutes.  A shower is available.

You will learn new exercises using our functional equipment and develop better technique and form for all of these exercises.  The exercises for every session will have regressions/progressions available.  These are not the standard class where you show up and repeat the same thing over and over.  The sessions will change every 4-6 weeks to create adaptation and results.  To see a full class schedule, click here.


LGT Descriptions:

LEAN: 2 – 12 members.
No machines? No problem! Say hello to our version of cardio. We feel like sitting on a treadmill or elliptical is boring, so we focus more on total body movement and functionality. The result is every muscle being used in your body with more calories burned at the gym and more calories being burned long after you leave the gym!  The sessions are typically set up in a circuit-style program focusing on different complex movements.  The more muscles being used means the more calories being burned. We will use the turf, sled, and several exercises involving the medicine balls and slam walls. The program is focused on maximum fat loss and conditioning with the added benefit of increasing movement techniques.  The LGT session is 40-50 minutes in length.

STRONG: 2 – 12 members. Strength training is the number one component for sustainable fat loss. This LGT session is focused on total body exercises in a strength training-based program. Work through power exercises, complex exercises, corrective exercises, isolated exercises, and more! The LGT will be set up in a super-set to circuit-style program with focus on muscle groups, technique, tempo, and movement. The LGT session is 40-50 minutes in length.

MOBILITY: 2 – 12 members. A LGT focused on the mobility and fine-tuning of the body and how it works. We’ll be going through several mobility and stability exercises in order to improve posture, gait, alleviate pain, and biomechanics to keep you injury-free and fully operational! Using foam rollers, la crosse balls, and other myofascial release tools/exercises, we’ll find all the tight spots and keep you moving better.

CORE: 2 – 12 members. A LGT focused on the mobility, stability, strength, with a lot of focus on core stability. In addition to your normal day to day activites, this class has direct application to golf-specific movement and performance.  So now you can work on your game even when you’re not at the course!