3 Core Exercises You Need to Stop and 3 You Need to do Instead

3 Core Exercises You Need to Stop and 3 You Need to do Instead

Effective.  Efficient.

Those are two words that we incorporate into everything that we do.  Of course, that is also along with our number one rule, which is keeping you SAFE!

These 3 core exercises were used quite often once upon a time; however, new advancements in the industry have shown that these 3 exercises aren’t effective, efficient, or SAFE.

Doing these 3 exercises are even more problematic if you have low back or hip pain.

We’ve used these exercises in our program once upon a time, but because we continue to better ourselves and our members by getting better every day by learning cutting edge research from the fitness industry, we have replaced these exercises with more effective, efficient, and SAFE core exercises.

This gives you a better bang for your buck as these 3 exercises help stabilize your core, keep your spine safe, and build your glutes!  This is just another way Unity Fitness is improving the way fitness is done in our area.

Check them out and let us know what you think!

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