21 Day Experience

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We know that there’s a lot to consider when trying to decide what gym is best for you.  Changing gyms or starting at a gym for the first time can be uncomfortable and nerve-wracking.  Our feeling is you deserve an experience that exists in Unity and includes training, nutrition, support, accountability, and coaching all under one roof, all for one price.

That’s why we created a 21 Day Unity Jumpstart Package, which allows you to experience the full benefits of our facility, programs, community, and philosophy before you make a commitment.  We want to make sure YOU make the best decision for YOU!

The 21 Day Unity Jumpstart Package includes the following:

Unity through Sweat

  • 2 semi-private personal training sessions with customized workouts created for your goals
  • Large group training classes
  • Nutrition and goal assessment
  • Fitness assessments
  • Functional movement screen
  • 20 minute consultation with an on-site physical therapist
  • Support from a fitness expert, nutrition coach, and other coaches
  • Gym access, and more!!  (a $240 value)

You get all of this as part of your no-risk, no-obligation 3 Week Unity Jumpstart Package for only $89 (+ $20 deposit).

At the end of your 21-day-jumpstart we’ll sit down and evaluate your results and show you how to get sustainable results for the foreseeable future!

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